Monday, February 4, 2008

New findings on HIV battle

Original Article:

Now this is the kind of stuff that I really like seeing. Swiss Scientists have recently come out with a consensus that HIV patients with no viral load and no other sexually-transmitted infections are incapable of transmitting the HIV virus.

This is great, in my opinion, because our methods of treating this disease have reached a point where it's not uncommon for a patient in the advanced stages to get treatment capable of getting the viral load down to nondetectable levels. Or to wrap it up nicely, that we're able to get many patients to the point where the disease won't spread. We're winning, slowly but surely--and new breakthroughs are made every year.

This is one thing I love about science. Religion has offered a heaping helping of condemnation and blameshifting and a few mushy hugs--all geared toward that "other" group of people, who are the ones that get the disease. Science at least recognizes that it's everyone's problem, and it offers a much more potent weapon in this battle than any crusty demagogue ever could dream of wielding.

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